Artist Ken Grant shows his oil painting gallery online showing interiors, still lifes, figures, and surreal art paintings. Known as a romantic impressionist he creates realistic interiors, people, and objects that bring his oil paintings to life. His art is available from local galleries and also directly sold through him. People refer to the musical quality of his work, which is understandable given the importance of music in his life. Ken's oil paintings draw the viewer in cause them to feel the light and space which can evoke a distant memory. His paintings are designed to remind you have past place you have been and trigger a pleasant emotional response. When you look at his paintings you actually feel the warmth of the sunlight as it comes through the window, filling the room and illuminating the objects there. A theme of a house by the sea stems from Ken's time living in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Ken Grant has many still life paintings of flowers in vases, bowls with fruit, and some with both flowers and fruit in them. They tend to have table cloths as part of the painting, either on a real table or just an impression of one. Some of his still lifes are a vase of flowers sitting on a small table or ledge in a room of a house. Ken has some very interesting and emotive arrangements with dynamic color and shapes. Ken's figures or paintings of people are very unique and interesting. His romantic impressionistic paints make great behind the couch or in a hall way pieces. The will add interest and emotion of any room and fit nicely with almost any decor. Women dressed in black bras and stripped leggings tend to be a theme. He also has women in simple to elaborate dresses. People and dogs are another theme you will notice. He has both realist and surreal people paintings. For those that like hummingbirds, Ken has a talent for painting them and bringing them to life. He is some hummingbirds and flower pieces that are breathtaking. There is a wide verity of colors and compositions. His portrait of a crow is very life like. If you are looking for a print of a painting, Ken as two to choose from that you might enjoy. Once is titled "musical inspiration from the sea" and the other is "standing up to the pressure". Both are interiors of a house by the sea with wind and furniture interacting.